Royal Oak Lofts – Pet Policy, “Can my mini-horse come with me?”

One of the most common questions I get from clients, when talking about lofts in Royal Oak is, "What is the pet policy?" Each loft building has a different pet policy, and the policies are evolving and changing. Please read below for the most current and accurate information:

The Most Accommodating building for animals - THE FIFTH allows for owners to use their own judgement on which animals are appropriate for their unit. If you lease from a private owner, the pet policy will be dependent on that owners preference.

Dogs under 35 lbs - Station 3 Lofts The Station 3 lofts is Royal Oak's only loft building which is privately owned by one company. This building is exclusively for lease and the pet policy is enforced by the owner company. The Station 3 Lofts allow for 1 dog under 35lbs, and no cats.

Only Owners are allowed pets - The Skyloft building allows owners to have pets, but tenants are no allowed.

Depends on the Situation - All of the following lofts are on a per case basis - typically loft owners don't want a tenant with a pet, but in some cases offering a non-refundable $300 pet fee and an additional $20/ month will change the owners mind. Main Street Lofts,Center Street Lofts, Main North Lofts , Lofts on 11and Skyloft Market Square are all loft buildings where you'd need your agent (ME!) to approach the owner or listing agent in regards to the pet policy.

If you are an animal lover and need to bring your two 100lbs dogs with you, while we might not find a loft which would be thrilled to have you, a downtown condo might be a more accommodating home for you and your pets.


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